Peanut nutrition and health

In today's living conditions are very good , whether we are young or old alike to pursue a relatively healthy nutritious diet thing is people have become increasingly concerned about the topic , but now many manufacturers have developed a home -based press However,  Potato peeler  the press allows us to buy their own original , so that we can be more natural peanut late , and with the results of the nutrition and health of peanuts constantly released , known as " peanuts ," said the peanuts are brought people more surprises. Fragrant smell of peanut oil not only has all the characteristics of olive oil , and easier for ordinary wage earners accepted the cost , they are also more suitable for the unique quality of Chinese people pay attention to color ,  seed oil press  and taste of the traditional diet. With these constant reports of U.S. nutrition experts found that peanuts, peanut oil contains a strong natural bioactive polyphenols - resveratrol. 908 times the content is the content of the grapes reached 27.7μg / g. It is a natural cancer chemopreventive agents of disease , but also reduce platelet aggregation, prevention and treatment of chemopreventive agents atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.


Increase the pitch increased feed rate

Increase the pitch increased feed rate , resulting in improved yields.
Rods machine features: fast rods (1 ton / hour ) , large extrusion density , propeller with special wear-resistant materials, precision casting, than conventional propeller life expectancy has increased many times ; forming a sleeve made seed oil press special alloy formula precision casting, life of up to one year , this cutting-edge technology not only reduces costs, but also saves manpower.
Biomass plant  : sawdust system of rods are energy recycling equipment , raw materials through high temperature and pressure in a short time pressing. So good stick when pressed burning heat, pollution , finished rod can be round, square , etc., the diameter can be between 8 to 70 mm , and then enter the carbonization furnace and carbonization kiln for carbonization.


showing the importance of speculation in oil extraction process materials

Fried materials directly affect the quality of the oil and oil yield , the " squeeze -third , seven fried stuff" argument , showing the importance of speculation in oil extraction process materials , and the key material in speculation seed quality fried machines and apparatus . Briquetting machine hydraulic press machine gear , all models are installed vibration noise reduction device , thicker plates and fried bore volume , available a variety of heating fuel heating ( coal , electricity, gas , firewood , etc. ) , extensive heat , fried and fast material design, greatly improving the life and fried fried feeder seed quality, but also equipped with a fuel temperature indicator, inverted switch energy and other advanced devices , potato peeler machine, high degree of automation . The novel mechatronic design scientific and reasonable structure, easy to operate, safe and stable, fully automated device to expect from the finished product a few minutes to complete .


physical press law does not contain any chemical solvents

With a small press people's living standards improve , people from the original " food and clothing " to " eat nutritious , eat healthy ." Edible oil is one of the six human daily nutrition needed for healthy nutrition edible growing concern . Currently on the oil market oil processings by the production process is divided into two kinds of oil extraction and exploitation of oil , oil extraction method with chemical oil is separated from the oil in the grease out of the oil, the oil in the refining process destroys the nutrients oil , solvent and residual harmful substances , the potential threat to human health . And thanks to pure physical squeezing oil press law , without any chemical potato peeling machine, various oils retain nutrients and authentic , its smell, taste pure, high oil concentration , color crystal, its safety, health, nutrition and health by domestic and foreign consumers. Speaking of press we are not unfamiliar , we are through the press every day experience of cooking oil out of the market prospects of the great press , every household cooking oil every day.


Peanut oil press is difficult to dissolve in ethanol

Energy efficient " ordinary press processing fifty kilograms of raw materials required to power 13 kilowatts motor one hour , the machining fifty kilograms of raw materials , with a 3 kW motor power consumption of just 5 minutes , several times more efficient , saving electricity 90% above. crude oil production hailed as "meat plant" , oil content of up to 50 %, which is two times more than soybeans , more than 20% higher than rapeseed peanut proteins except soybean , none of the food is comparable to its content equivalent to 2 times more than 30% of wheat , corn 2.5 times , three times the peanut seeds of rice rich in oil, extracting oil from peanuts in pale yellow , transparent, pleasant aroma , is the quality of the cooking oil. press peanut oil is difficult to dissolve in ethanol , it can be achieved by injecting 70% ethanol solution peanut Oil machine to 39-40.8 degrees, see its turbidity , to identify whether the peanut oil is pure peanut oil source of protein can easily be absorbed by the body , the absorption rate in about 90% , so the peanut plant is known meat is well deserved.


Press common troubleshooting method

1 when no suction pump overhaul , the case of dirt clogging oil network, washable grease filter should be . If the oil is used for a long time , due to sediment adhering to the inlet valve and the valve does not cause adhesion , should be replaced with a new release of oil or Food dehydrator filter and clean the inlet valve . If the fuel tank is not enough , add a little oil to the tank can be , if the vacuum pump in the minors , you can pull out the small piston , and then injected into the oil pressure .
2 When the pump pressure is insufficient maintenance, if there is dirt or poor sealing valve , after grinding them washable , so close together. Press the case of the inlet valve plug and seat is bad, too polished to be washable , so close together. The case of press out the oil drain plug and valve seat caused by poor contact or tighten the oil spill , potato peeler machine grinding valve plug and seat aspirant so close together or tighten the plug. The case of a small pump worn piston and the gap is too big , should be replaced with new pump.
3 When the cylinder and piston leak repair, if installed the wrong sized cup is due up , press the right approach should be re-installed cups . Cup cracked the case of damage , should be replaced with new cup .


Hydraulic press Steps

Hydraulic press Step one : First of all aids should be ready and containers , check and adjust the belt tightness . Then start the motor , the machine empty running around 15min, check the speed of the pressing screw shaft. Average speed should be around 33dmin. Do you want to pay attention to when idling gear box gear meshing and sound normal, wire stripper bearings and motor parts properly. When press idling , the motor current should be about 3A. If the current is too high , you should immediately stop checks, adjustments and then boot.
Hydraulic press Step 2: After the normal load , about 50kg ready rapeseed or soy , ready to put into the hopper . Note: When you start squeezing feed not too fast, otherwise the sudden increase in pressure within the bore virgin , virgin not turn the screw shaft , causing blockage virgin bore , even to squeeze cage rupture, a major accident . So at the beginning of the compression , the feed should be evenly slowly into the hopper , machine for pellet be run together . So repeatedly , sustained more than 3 ~ 4h , so press the temperature gradually increased, and even take smoke . At the start of the press virgin bore low temperature, can be slowly twist the handle on the withered section stud , increase the thickness of the cake , while improving moisture billet into juice , to be squeezed bore temperature. Rose to about 90 ℃, the normal operation of the press , the cake thickness can be adjusted to 1.5 ~ 2.5mm, and tighten the nut tightened.


At the start of the press can not be too fast feed

After the normal load , about 50kg ready rapeseed or soy , ready to put into the hopper . Note: When you start squeezing feed not too fast, otherwise the sudden increase in pressure within the bore virgin , virgin not turn the screw shaft , causing blockage virgin bore , machine for pellets squeeze cage rupture, a major accident . So at the beginning of the compression , the feed should be evenly slowly into the hopper , so press be run together . So repeatedly , sustained more than 3 ~ 4h , so press the temperature gradually increased, and even take smoke . At the start of the press virgin bore low temperature, can be slowly twist the handle on the withered section stud , increase the thickness of the cake , while improving moisture billet into juice , wire stripping bore temperature. Rose to about 90 ℃, the normal operation of the press , the cake thickness can be adjusted to 1.5 ~ 2.5mm, and tighten the nut tightened.


Changer mode with diced

The machine screw and Simplified adopt modular design principle, the screw shape, simplified structure, aspect ratio, feeding and exhaust the number of locations, for network and pelletizing method, grain grinder meter control mode Dengjun material system and process requirements optimize the allocation and adjustment, the implementation of multi-function, multi-purpose and wire stripping of the unity both dedicated, high productivity, low energy consumption characteristics than that.


Extract feed adjustment board

Usually the body temperature of 70-80 degrees Celsius, before commencing crushing.when the press: should slowly adjust cake thickness, oilseeds varieties, press the number of times is different, Briquetting machine  control of the cake thickness 0.25-0.5 mm. When the That job satisfaction, you can flip the hand lever locking adjustment nut to increase the feed to the normal feed rate. If the cake sluggish or stops the cake, you should stop feeding, Taking the feed adjustment board, exclude inlet deposit material, and  oil expeller  withdraw the spindle, clear virgin bore obstruction. Pressed sesame, peanuts and other oil yield higher Oil, you can even squeeze two or three times in batches, each batch of 5 kg is appropriate.


The juice squeezed from the bore axis drawn

Oil press down immediately after moving the handle, squeeze the juice from the axis of the bore draw, remove the protective cap, round nuts, bearings and adjusting bolt. Iron rod with a diameter of 16 hole insert locknut counterclockwise rotation, remove the lock nut, each section can be removed pressing screw. Removing bad as pressing screw,  Oil machine  before removing the wood fire.
Pressing screw mounting: the virgin oil press screw erect, narrow end up, and then the slag Shaotou and pressing screw followed by Arranging the order 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Mounted on the shaft and then loaded asbestos gasket, and then tighten the nut to prevent the infiltration of diesel spiral, the impact of the demolition of the pressing screw, and  oil expeller  bearings and tune 8309
Xie bolts Caution Install two bearing surfaces are large holes at both ends against the adjusting bolt face, pressing screw Qi overall installed with two M42 × 2 nuts back tight, tight back Note that two 8309 bearing clearance. Turn the adjusting bolt by hand to move, when you can feel the flexible rotation.


to increase crude oil import quota

Relevant national policies on imported crude oil whereabouts are strictly limited, non-state trading of crude oil imports in principle, only in three refineries processing oil prices ,  machine pellet crude oil prices must first obtain the three refineries produced a single row . This series of provisions constituted blocking private capital into the oil field invisible threshold.
Zhuo record information on oil analyst Gao Jian , told reporters that local refineries have been through various channels to require the State to release crude oil imports qualification management , increase oil import quotas .
Gao Jian analysis, the three major oil firms are now refining capacity surplus , the domestic economic downturn has curbed demand , it is open to imports of qualifications and a good opportunity  oil expeller  the quota .
The private oil companies also believe that now the situation has been basically stable supply and demand of domestic and international oil prices linked to oil prices , consumption growth has also increased the bargaining power of domestic enterprises , should be implemented to encourage private enterprises to enter the energy sector policies , clear tangible and intangible obstacles.


oil imports subject to state trading

At present, China for crude oil , refined oil imports subject to state trading management, state trading enterprises are to be licensed by the state to get engaged in the management of certain types of state trading enterprises the right to operate import of the goods or institution . With crude  machine pellet  qualified enterprises , mainly the three oil firms affiliated companies , as well as the Chemical Group , Zhuhai Zhenrong .
Beyond this , the state quota system for crude  oil plants  . In principle, state , private enterprises can apply for crude oil import quotas . However, the actual operation shows that crude oil import quota mainly in the oil, Sinopec and CNOOC allocated between local refineries and private oil enterprises were given quotas very difficult.


Sinopec actively promoting oil and gas recovery

Sinopec in the Provincial Environmental Protection Department news release , the reporter found the province to implement air pollution control plan , Sinopec actively promote oil and gas recovery work in the first to complete Jinan, Qingdao and three depots, 123 stations , 649 gasoline guns, 72 units tanker oil
and gas recovery transformation , based on the three batches in Jinan , Qingdao, Zibo , Weifang ,  machine for pellets  four depots, 888 gas stations, 3,048 petrol vapor recovery gun transformation , calculation invest 221 million yuan , and strive to be completed before the end of October the transformation .
Meanwhile, according to planning requirements, and actively promote the upgrading of vehicle fuel oil , plans to begin from October vehicle fuel quality upgrading and replacement capacity , according to planning requirements will ensure that before the end of 2013 the country Ⅳ gasoline supply , oil refinery  end of
2014 before the supplier ⅳ diesel . Since the factory , wholesale, retail needs to undergo warehousing, logistics and other sectors, a high standard low standard oil oil replacement takes one cycle , the latest before the end of Qingdao Sinopec gas station owners can be applied in the country four standard


Oil prices rose after the upgrade brings

Zhuo record information through refineries and some land exchanges , oil prices rose after the upgrade brings , but high demand will be significantly suppressed the role of end-customer profit margins have  oil expeller , most likely no longer purchase refining plant oil. Then, out of the market, which in turn was empty " two barrels of oil " instead . "I make a bold prediction , there may be a general manner refinery will disappear ." Above ground refinery official told reporters , for some refining capacity of small enterprises by financial constraints to complete upgrading almost unrealistic . In front of them , either Forced , or be big business combination.
At present,  oil processing  have been able to achieve the national four standard , oil , and currently the total Chinese goods FCC gasoline gasoline group accounted for 70%. FCC gasoline sulfur, olefins commodities accounted for total sulfur content, total olefin content of 90% and 90%.


The former Ministry of Food Grain and Oil Industry

Mainly based on the production of local and provincial needs , generally do not make a unified national distribution . But no matter what kind of products annual production plan should be  machine for pellets in the national plan , in accordance with the " need quotas, preferential arrangements , fixed-point production , joint sets " the principles of overall balance and organize raw material supplies. Meanwhile, in arranging  oil expeller  production plan , organize food machine products every year, production and demand sides signed a supply contract , to prevent blind production , to ensure the development needs around the oil industry .


Improve grid transmission efficiency

Adjust and optimize the power structure, eliminate backward small thermal power , thermal power technology to improve the level of equipment . Increase the boiler , fans, pumps and other equipment energy saving, oil-free ignition of plasma to promote other energy-saving technology to  oil expeller  consumption rate . Encourage the development of CHP and CCHP supply, strict implementation of the "hot Constant ." Accelerate the construction of smart grid and grid energy-saving technological transformation, improve grid transmission efficiency , reduce line losses . In places where  oil equipment  to encourage the incorporation of water, seawater and other unconventional sources as cooling water .
Promote fly ash, gypsum utilization . Encourage the use of fly ash production of building materials , marketing of fly ash in the municipal building , road construction and other engineering applications, orderly way to extract alumina in fly ash , fly ash by ultrafine processing support as paper , a filler material such as rubber .


Renewable Energy

First , the use of subsidies given to the scale approach. China should reform the existing renewable energy subsidies in the future of new wind power , solar power , biomass power generation project should be implemented subsidy funds has been clearly the case for approval ,  machine for pellets  implement the subsidy program can not access the grid. This will help prevent excessive subsidies subsidies are not in place and the negative impact . Meanwhile, renewable energy is no longer as the local and enterprise -scale assessment criteria .
Second , subsidies should be scaled to adapt to the economic development of the situation . To avoid weakening the competitiveness of enterprises in the coming years should not be substantially  oil equipment  , renewable energy fund collection standards maintained at the level of 8% per kWh . In order to implement the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" to determine the various renewable energy development goals, the relevant departments and enterprises should adopt grid Renewable Energy Fund is due, explore the potential to resolve. Grid should not use funds earmarked for renewable energy subsidies.


Smart Grid and equipment

Next few years will be the main period of smart grid construction , smart grid and equipment, intelligent power distribution , control systems will usher in the golden period , but in the process of building a  machine for pellets  , the National Grid Company Limited and design departments tend to foreign brands , domestic monopoly industry is also directly involved in the manufacture of low-voltage electrical appliances . Plus the grid by numerous electrical components , power grids to intelligent, you must first realize intelligent appliances , low-voltage electrical intelligence is  oil expeller  direction of development, but for low-voltage electrical system integration and integrated solutions put forward higher requirements. This is because the low-voltage electrical industry in the photovoltaic inverter, new energy control and protection systems, distributed energy , energy storage devices , DC switchgear electrical equipment , and expansion .


Oil Production Plant plans to build

Early oil production plant production monitoring systems exist earlier , device model is not unified, technology agreements are not uniform, relatively independent of each system problems , these systems have been installed , the establishment of a unified data integration platform video surveillance information becomes is especially  oil equipment . Thus oil production plant plans to build the factory level monitoring center , the front-end integration platform access each monitoring point , replace the front end portion of incompatible codecs , improve the control center to the factory monitoring center network transmission channel and develop appropriate management software , ultimately " the whole plant sharing, centralized management , grading monitoring, coordination, and authorized to use " , and  oil refinery  achieve factory, mine, together with the team , what we need. While further amendments improve the system technical standards, the new system for the latter must be selected in line with the relevant technical standards for oil extraction plant equipment required for system integration to provide technical support .


Smart Grid as a national strategic emerging industries

Smart Grid as a national strategic emerging industries were included in a number of "second five " plan. Next few years will be the main period of smart grid construction , smart grid and equipment, intelligent power distribution , control systems will usher in the golden period , but in the process of building a smart grid , the National  machine for pellets  Limited and design departments tend to foreign brands , domestic monopoly industry is also directly involved in the manufacture of low-voltage electrical appliances . Plus the grid by numerous electrical components , power grids to intelligent, you must first realize intelligent appliances , low-voltage electrical intelligence is the future direction of development, but for low-voltage  oil equipment  integration and integrated solutions put forward higher requirements. This is because the low-voltage electrical industry in the photovoltaic inverter, new energy control and protection systems, distributed energy , energy storage devices , DC switchgear electrical equipment , and expansion .


Fuel into the oil press virgin bore

When the fuel into the oil press virgin bore, with the pressing chamber rotates, the pressure increases. As the seed material extruded continuously squeezing oil, virgin material particles in direct contact with each other and cause a pressure deformation of seed material,  oil equipment  in the oil film rupture and the adhesive body. Such bombing bore after being squeezed, squeezed material is not a loose body to form a plastic body, called the cake. Squeeze due to the dual role of temperature and pressure, will continue to deteriorate protein, oil processing affecting virgin plastic material, in short, in order to ensure an appropriate level of protein denaturation best squeeze out the oil effect.


Oil processing technology to improve

The development of grain and oil processing industry grain packing and grain growing demand for packaging machinery. In the grain Food production, experts estimate that by 2005 and 2010, China's annual processing capacity of 2.2 grain Million tons and 260 million tons. Based on such a market forecasts, by 2005, 5 ~ 50kg / bag Semi-automatic packing machine pellet annual demand of 700 to 1000, annual demand for automatic models 50 to 100, 1 ~ 2.5kg / bag in bag packing machine pellet annual demand of 100 units, 25kg / bag below the semi-automatic and fully automatic powder packing machine annual demand of 300 to 500 units. 2010 years ago, the number of grain and oil packaging machinery demand annual growth of 10 percent, for automatic packaging design Preparation demand growth will be greater than the growth in demand for  machine for pellets  equipment, in a paper bag packaging will also have some Requirements. With the domestic oil processing technology improved, the demand for oil packaging machinery improve the grade, fine Refining the proportion of packaging machinery will increase. Same way in sales, retail will gradually Bottled replaced, so the demand for oil packaging equipment steadily increased year by year,  oil expeller  and quality Levels will gradually increase, semi-automatic oil filling machine, the annual demand is expected to reach 300 to 500 units,For automatic filling equipment demand will gradually increase.


rotating shaft pressing screw oil press

(1) after the shutdown, rotating shaft pressing screw oil press, squeeze the juice from the bore draw screw, and then with a diameter of 24 mm thick iron bar into the end of the compression nut pie hole Inside, loosening the compression nut, then loosen oil press squeeze cage racks and connector ends with the four M16 connection screws connecting the upper and lower squeeze cage removed 10 M14
Bolts, remove the screw on the cage to the garden rows and rows of rings out.
(2) Removing the oil press of rows: Remove  oil equipment  Pai circle at one end with iron bars from the side against a row of hand percussion hammer the other end, one of the Row play, the rest of row is automatically loose down.
(3) Article row assembly method: oil press row circle of standing to bring out the tank facing down, put the following piece of wood, the pieces are arranged in neat rows tune of row ring Wall, with deep sump end down. Two similar pieces in front row deep groove surface can not  oil refinery  together, the last row of the oil press against the plug with a metal rod Protruding end of the closed beta, hand percussion hammer the other end of the strip row close to the wall, to touch the inner wall without protruding phenomenon so far.


For engineering how to get a huge order

For engineering how to get a huge order , the source said , which is derived from petroleum engineering and in close co-operation between the relationship, but also because of Wison Engineering is indeed a small country , and to ensure oil quality requirements of the enterprise. "Their bidding process and the corresponding documents are reviewed by us , and if there are false , or shady , will give investors a loss, we have to bear joint and several liability ."
In order to defuse the risk of reliance on a single customer , Wison Engineering since 2012 began to expand the field of  oil refinery  engineering and manufacturing , the first half of the year , on the oil business amounted to only 120 million yuan , accounting for only 14% of the current total sales .
Contracting tricky , however, still requires Huabang Song departments cooperate with the investigation , so " do not rule out  oil equipment  shareholder with PetroChina Woan person concerned reached under the table deal, thus bypassing the sponsor supervision of listed companies ," there petrochemical Insiders speculate .


Oil Purchasing

Energy One network is in the oil supplies procurement platform , bidding, trading and procurement data are published on the site . 2010 and 2011 , the supply of cable products , Star Cable ranked first. 2013 once again become the number one supplier.
From the oil purchases for Star Cable of the " rapid " development to provide double insurance : Since purchasing a huge amount to ensure that the company's business scale ; PetroChina bidding mechanism , but also to ensure the company's stable earnings, to get rid of Chinese cable industry cruel price war. Star Cable core business as an ordinary and special cable production and sales. In the petroleum, petrochemical industry ,  oil equipment  special cables for the oil industry and more , mainly logging cable , which is characterized by use of harsh conditions , damaged a large amount of short replacement cycle . " Purchases , the dedicated cable only to 5 %, 95% are ordinary cable , such as natural gas project , the use of all common cable ." An unnamed industry source said.
National Electric Wire & Cable Quality Supervision and  oil expeller  Center data show that in 2012 , total number of enterprises above designated size in 4506 , output in 2011 has exceeded one trillion . " General Cable least twenty-three thousands of companies able to meet the quality standards of oil ." Said analysts .


Fuel consumption data collection method

1 tank faction ( oil floats )
A typical way is through the installation of buoys in the tank sensor , by monitoring changes in oil level inside the tank to measure vehicle fuel remaining ; or ultrasonic probe to measure the reflection , but the measurement principle no fundamental change in its technical principles decided unable to obtain
proof certification. Another tank itself without legal metrology , does not meet the requirements set volume measurement .
2.ECU faction
ECU measurement method is not actually measured the actual flow through the injector fuel quantity , but  oil equipment  nozzle needle opening time , so once injector on carbon and manganese precipitation, calculate the same nozzle needle open time value , but the actual fuel injection quantity is reduced , which is
leading the main ECU Measurement method not allowed .
3 oil pie
Department of Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Kang oil on the road in a vehicle retrofit flow sensor, by monitoring the flow of diesel oil in the vehicle to measure the actual fuel consumption engine . This approach is simple in
principle , science, higher  oil expeller  accuracy , more reliable.
Diesel engine with inlet pipe in the structure and return lines . Pump to start pumping oil tank to the power system, high pressure atomized excess oil return to the tank of diesel .Accurate measurement of the oil into the oil and the amount of the difference , is a measure of the actual engine fuel consumption of the scientific method .


refined oil output growth is higher

 China's oil refining industry development has three phases: the first phase, from 1863 first imported kerosene, oil self-sufficiency by 1963 , with the full realization that spans 100 years ; the second stage, from the early 1960s, 90 end of the decade , China's oil refining industry in the production scale and technology have achieved a great leap into the ranks of the world's great powers refining ; third stage, that is, from the  oil expeller  of the 21st century to about 2020 , from refinery to refinery power big leap. 2006 China has become the world 's second largest after the United States oil refining , crude oil processing capacity of 350 million tons . Actual crude oil 3.0651 million tons, four categories of refined oil ( gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil ) output reached 1.8777 million tons. 2007 January to November , China's crude oil processing  machine for pellets  298 million t, an increase of 6.43% , continue to maintain a high growth rate . 2007 January to November , China's gasoline , kerosene and diesel production was 54.58 million t, 1062 million t and 112 460 000 t, respectively, year on year growth of 7.25% , 18.77% and 5.78% , refined oil output growth is higher.


Target consumer cluster assembly

In the above positioning, because it is unique and first, so the natural development to the industry leader, although not large scale enterprises. This is the operation of the market Difficult to be able to place it. This new category buyers need to do to join the boss "image", naturally there will be "olive branch." select high-end channels + full Direct mode, build channels of influence.From the current point of view, grain mill channel selection is very crisp and clear, that only hypermarkets, which is a relatively high-end channels. Currently in operation nationwide Eight  oil expeller  supermarkets. And mode of operation of all Direct! Lian also handle their own logistics (TPL).
 select the store sales area, fresh areas unique vision.
Grain mill is not placed in the general area of the snack food, but also in fresh areas set up counters, freshly ground sales. It is also very characteristic. First, the fresh area than Hugh Popular snack foods area will certainly be prosperous, and in the fresh area, her target  oil refinery  cluster assembly more (buy fresh, most of them can cook, people can eat at home Than eat traditional snack foods such as cookies, Department of films of people, concept of health maybe some of it will be strong).


Blending the introduction of standards

Repeated security incidents caused by the "mixed LPG DME Gas Standard "and" liquefied petroleum gas cylinders mixed DME standard, "the introduction is particularly urgent Cut.
Through the development of the new standard experiments show that in 20% of the gas in the mixing dimethyl ether is entirely feasible The. But faced with serious overcapacity and huge profits temptation blend ratio of 20% may not be Can effectively alleviate the imbalance between supply and demand and the oil processing  of traders. For example: from a certain region LPG risk monitoring Test found that some three stations DME content reached 59.3%. Worse gas and dimethyl ether blended The proportion was as high as 1:12. Blending the introduction of standards or to a certain extent can be optimized for the DME market Environment, but how to supervise, oil refinery and guide the industry blend ratio is still sustained and healthy development of the future urgent Priority to be addressed.


Apparent products and products section

Flame Retardant TPV relatively more difficult coloring , usually our only should the white and black two kinds , if you need other colors , you need to customize ! But there is a direct customer's own color , it can speed up the progress of the color , but pay attention to the following questions : a) do not directly use toner , unless the customer's oil expeller; b) Optional masterbatch to PE or PP as the base material , and requires very good flowability and lubricity , c) the amount of added masterbatch generally in the 3-5 % .Because tough TPV Port TM retardant containing about 30% of the flame retardant , so the process is different conventional TPV , the following aspects are to be noted : Ren Hong Kong TM Flame Retardant TPV drying before oil refinery
To be dried before processing , dry conditions of 100 ° C / 2 hours, dried test is in place , you can view products and articles section apparent , if the apparent roughness and porosity found in a cross section , then need to be further dried.


Drum granulator flat repression

With a certain relative density of traditional Chinese medicine extract, spray-dried to obtain dry extract powder, after adding some accessories to dry extrusion granulating machine pressed into thin slices, then crushed into granules. The Act required fewer materials, help to improve the stability of the particles, disintegration and  machine for pellets  divergence. Future, dry granulation machine will clean and functional and flexible to meet the requirements. First of all, is completely sealed, dry granulation systems can reduce dust pollution in the production process, thereby reducing the risk of pollution and contamination; secondly,  oil expeller  uses a modular design, the entire granulation device can simply use a small tool that removable, easy to clean all the module unit, and can easily replace one of the screw and the pressure roller to suit different tasks granulation.

High-speed agitation granulation

In accessories, in addition to sugar, dextrin, soluble starch, but also use maltodextrin, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, silica powder, hydroxypropyl starch, etc.; in the process changed the  oil expeller  process drying time is long, herbs more loss of heat labile component shortage, the use of dynamic extraction, low-temperature vacuum drying or spray drying instant, dry granulation, new technologies such as high-speed agitation granulation. Practice shows that the granulation technology,  oil refinery  the efficiency of Chinese medicine granules and product quality.


Excellent environmental friendliness of vegetable oil

Ordinary petroleum-based inks contain a lot of harmful volatile organic compounds in the manufacture of printing inks, drying process or equipment cleaning and waste ink processing, a large number of volatile organic compounds produced not only seriously jeopardize the health of the operator,  machine for pellets  environmental damage, such as the Department of VOC volatile organic compounds contained in petroleum-based ink composition is one of the most carcinogenic substances, serious harm to human health. The content of polycyclic aromatic compounds in plants ink is low, basically do not use emission VOC, does not pollute the environment, conducive to manufacturing and the health of users. In addition, ordinary ink used oil is non-renewable resources, extensive use of the energy crisis has brought about a serious problem facing mankind, and plants such as soybean oil ink take white natural,  oil equipment , biodegradable and can therefore , both from resource use or from environmental point of view, vegetable oil based inks have the incomparable advantage of ordinary ink.


Crude oil and naphtha prices fell factors

This year, the high point of the Asian ethylene monomer in the end of February, but because of a shortage of supply in Europe, so the Asian ethylene began to catch on, vendors have fought in Europe, leading to supply inflows into Asia tense situation, thus creating a high point of the year. After a brief shortage
of mid-March, the early stage of the supply in Asia gradually increased, weak downstream demand, and guide U.S. ethylene prices fell. On the other hand, the international crude  oil expeller and by the upstream naphtha fell factors, poor
profitability of downstream polyethylene products, buyers and sellers trading enthusiasm generally not high, also contributed to the decline in ethylene monomer.
Recent Asian ethylene market sentiment dull side,  oil refinery  differences between buyers and sellers, resulting slowdown in Northeast Asia to discuss the latest Northeast vinyl monomer quote $ 1,225 / ton, Southeast Asia, $ 1,260 / ton. It is learned that the buyer upset at $ 1,200 / ton below, and some buyers have to shift attention to the price to Hong Kong after July, so do not rule out the latter ethylene prices float down.


New hydraulic oil press oil press and general

Paul energy saving, high value-added products, no loss, physical squeeze, do not add any chemical raw materials, no pollution, no waste water, waste gas, waste generation is an alternative to the traditional oil press. Process requirements: more than 50% fat peanut; peanut integrity nibs appear no adhesion between the phenomenon of peanut,  oil refinery  easy to fall off. Degreasing effect is an important factor affecting water, a secondary factor is time to achieve the best conditions to achieve degreasing effect of 4.52% - 7.26%, (excessive moisture affect the oil yield, oil expeller  likely to cause too dry Watson fragmentation rate is too high.

Peanut oil in a spherical or granular exist

A high oil content of peanut crop, its internal fat in spherical or particulate present in the cell membrane by a layer of closed, surrounded by the outside world in the  machine for pellets , this film and the wall with rupture, peanut oil out of the fracture begins; in the extrusion process, the extrusion portion of peanut oil, peanut becomes brittle and hard, lose their elasticity; the peanut skin contain more fiber, the applied pressure after separated from the surface with peanuts, peanut skin so easy to fall off; in the extrusion process, peanuts and not by the shear stress, so no broken kernel  oil expeller , it is easy to restore the status quo;according to the fat content requirements, different pressures are applied. Defatted peanuts obtained different results.


Pellet mill in daily use

Granulators in the daily use of the process, one should always check the rotation of the disc,  oil expeller  the specific requirements granulator speed control on the disc together Proper range, the disc rotation speed is too fast so as to affect product size.
granulator used in the process, in particular, note that the granulator check transmission parts, i.e. the drive gear,  oil refinery the drive gear
The aid of the finished lubricating oil, so the process of running gear, the lubricant must be checked periodically, and appropriately added for lubrication of the gear.


Oil press safety valve failure overhaul

Valve failure repair, if there is oil in the dirt so that the ball valve is not sealed, the safety valve should be cleaned to remove dirt, so that the ball valve is closed. If the Is a  machine for pellets  its elasticity can not withstand high pressure, should be replaced with new springs. If an adjustment screw loose, resulting in less than the predetermined pressure valve on the jump, should be re-adjusting screw So that when the pressure reaches a predetermined pressure jump valves.  Food dehydrator the case of regular jobs, resulting in ball valve bumps will be reground valves, replace the ball and Notes Intended to follow the rules and operation.


Granulators ways to improve it

a) increasing the compression ring die for feed force, which increases the compression ratio of the ring mold, thereby increasing the density of the granules and hardness values;
b) will be more finely crushed some feed ingredients, if you add the molasses or fat, or fat molasses should be improved uniformity and control the spread of the amount added in order to improve the  oil equipment pellets to prevent feed soft; c) adjusting cutter the distance from the surface of the ring mold, usually the outer edge surface of the ring mold from a distance not greater than the diameter of the particles produced by the feed value, or replace the use  oil expeller  sharp cutting blade, the small diameter thin blade particulate material may also be used, and to thin blade close to the surface of the ring mold production;
d) Use of adhesive class granulation aids, help to improve the binding force within the particles.


oil press development needs

Directly under the Ministry of Food grain machine manufacturing enterprises established under the influence over the oil industry to adapt to the development of the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have been built by a group of provinces, autonomous regions and Food Department (Bureau), the direct management of grain and oil machinery manufacturing; Some conditions are better, more developed areas of oil industry, the county food sector also built a number of 粮油机械厂; many  machine for pellets grain processing plant set up machine repair shop, combined with the implementation of build, resulting in China in the 1970s mid has a sizeable grain and oil machinery manufacturing capacity.
To support and promote the healthy grain and oil machinery industry, the coordinated development of the former Ministry of Oil Industry Bureau of grain through scheduling, macro guidance. Grain and oil machinery products are divided into the Ministry of tubes, pipes and factory pipe three provinces in the domestic food sector as the main target, step by step as necessary balance. Seven of immediate food machinery production plans into national plans, bear manufacturing technology requirements are  oil expeller  high, not suitable for decentralized production of products, according to the current capital projects and equipment renewal needs, implement a unified national distribution; province pipe products, In addition to the development of oil industry production for the province to provide products, but also some products into the national allocation; several places, counties 粮油机械厂 pipe manufacturing plant grain and oil products and mechanical products, mostly belonging to a subsidiary of the production process, simple, small amount of product. Mainly based on the production of local and provincial needs, generally do not make a unified national distribution. But no matter what kind of products annual production plan should be included in the national plan, in accordance with the "need quotas, preferential arrangements, fixed-point production, joint sets" the principles of overall balance and organize raw material supplies. Meanwhile, in arranging the annual production plan, organize food machine products every year, production and demand sides signed a supply contract, to prevent blind production, to ensure the development needs around the oil industry.


oil press oil processing

With the recovery of our national economy, especially in the first five-year plan period, China's grain and oil processing production increased rapidly, and a large number of grain and oil processing enterprises with obsolete equipment, fell into disrepair, unable to undertake such a task, need to be updated transformation. In order to change this situation as soon as possible, then decided to establish  Food dehydrator food department, the implementation of professional production, and then in 1958 in Qingdao City for the first time in summer grain and oil machinery working meeting was held to develop a food grain and oil machinery sector development plan, pull the conference On the construction of the National Grain and Oil Machinery Industry prologue. In October that year, that is, in the eastern outskirts of Beijing flour mill machine repair workshop, based on the establishment of the Beijing Food Machinery Factory; March the following year the State Council approved, in turn, Wuxi machinery factory owned heavy industries and chemical sectors belong rubber roller plant handed over to the Ministry of Food, merged subordinates food machinery factory in  oil equipment , Shanghai also approved food grain and oil machinery factory was placed under the Ministry of Administration; 1964 in Zhengzhou, steel and oil depot construction project team, based on the expansion of the ministry of food Zhengzhou Grain Machinery Factory.


production process of continuous improvement

With the continuous development of high-tech and manufacturing process of continuous improvement, front camera, network switches, video servers and storage devices is bound to the substantial increase in performance,  Oil machine  consumption trends continue. Through energy savings to customers not only in
energy costs a lot of money to make the system more efficient operation of equipment, and can invest more funds for development and construction of security systems.
Present purposes, CCD due to the manufacturing process complexity, low yield, high cost, and power consumption. With COMS technology continues to evolve, and its image processing effects can already close to the CCD, which can in some high-end SLR digital camera to be confirmed. Usually a CCD COMS energy consumption is only 1/3, and the manufacturing process is relatively simple, the cost is low. Therefore every reason to believe that low-power, low-cost monitoring COMS technology will be the future direction of development of the industry.
There are also some emerging IT technologies such as  oil refinery , blade servers, storage and other green concept put forward, but also for monitoring and even the security industry to develop in the direction of green energy products
and provide a strong technical support.


granulator classification introduced

Oil processing with air and water granulator granulator similar, except that it has a steady flow of water through one mold surface, in direct contact with the mold surface. The size of the cutting chamber pelletizing knife just sufficient to rotate freely without limiting the flow across the mold surface temperature. Molten polymer is extruded from the die, rotating knives cut pellets, pellets were subjected to tempering of the water and  machine for pellets  chamber with a centrifugal dryer. In the dryer, the water is discharged back to the tank, cooled and recycled; pellet dryer to remove the water by centrifugation. Strip production line cost is not high, the operation is simple and convenient cleaning. This is compounded pigment has its advantages, because two different batches of pigment replacement equipment must be thoroughly cleaned.

granulator energy saving

Granulator energy can be divided into two parts: one part is the driving force, one is heated portion.
Pellet mill of energy: they use a frequency converter, energy is through energy-saving motors I, for example, the actual motor power is 50Hz, and you actually need in the production of sufficient production 30Hz, those extra energy in vain wasted, the inverter is to change the power output of the motor to achieve energy saving effect.
Heating part of energy: heating part is mostly the use of electromagnetic energy saving heaters, energy-saving rate is about old-fashioned resistance circle 30% -70%.
1 compared to electric resistance heating, electromagnetic heater than a layer of insulation, thermal efficiency increases.
(2) compared to resistance heating,  oil refinery  heater directly on the heating tube, reducing heat loss heat transfer.
3 compared to the resistance heating, electromagnetic heating of the heater is faster than a quarter, reducing the heating time.
4 compared to the resistance heating, electromagnetic heating of the heater speed, high production efficiency is improved, so that the motor is saturated, it is reduced, resulting in high power low demand for power loss.
Fly above four points such as electromagnetic heaters, why can granulator saving up to 30% -70% of the causes.

granulator first boot method

1, the boot, first warming of about forty to fifty minutes. The temperature rose to pull the motor by hand until the belt freely; continuous rotation at work pulling eight to ten times.  Oil machine  to heat up about ten minutes, and then boot, but continue heating, because the normal production requires continuous supplement the heat;
Depending on the nature of the plastic regulate different temperatures.
2, granulating machine work, the machine temperature to maintain stability, not fluctuated. Bleed hole near  oil expeller  area temperature should be maintained until about 200 ℃ (refer to C material, material B).
3, the feed should be uniform, can not appear shortage phenomenon. Loom eat feed speed and feed rate to tie properly. Otherwise it will affect grain quality and yield.
4, shut down the host to completely cut off the power. Nose plugs (with wrench part) must come off. Subject to a separate warm-up before the next use.

granulator Precautions

1, granulation confidential forward operation; avoid reversed.
2, granulating machine prohibit empty machine without load operation, you must heat feeding operation,  Briquette machine  avoid sticky bar (axle) phenomenon.
3, granulating machine feed inlet air vent is prohibited to enter the iron and other debris. Avoid unnecessary accidents, affecting the normal production safety.
And pay attention to changes in body temperature, with clean hands when touching left the note, immediately warming. Until sliver left the normal.
4, reducer bearing parts burned hands, or when accompanied by noise timely maintenance should be shut down, and added fuel.
5, the host ends bearing parts bearing chamber burning hot hands or noisy, to downtime and butter filling. For normal  oil equipment , the bearing chamber every 5-6 days
6, attention to find out the machine's operating rules; such as: machine high and low temperature, speed speed, under the circumstances, the timely processing.
7, the fuselage unstable operation, should be careful to check the coupling gap is consistent tight to loosen some time.

Overview granulating machine is a material can be manufactured into a specific shape molding machine

Overview granulating machine is a material can be manufactured into a specific shape molding machine. Widely used in chemical,  Oil machine , pharmaceutical, food, building materials, mining and metallurgy, environmental protection, printing, ceramics, rubber, plastics, and other fields. According to the structure and working principle and a divided CF rotary belt cooling granulating flat-shaped twin-screw extruder drum drying machine roll producer dry granulation machine (referred to on the roll granulator) for tooth granulator disc vacuum cooling granulating machine
Granulating machine is widely used in the chemical industry melting (softening point) at 300 ℃ or less, all kinds of materials to be granulated condensation. Such as: sulfur, paraffin,  oil expeller , asphalt, partial anhydride, stearic acid, maleic anhydride; phenolic resins, petroleum resins, modified resins and other resin products; adhesive, synthetic soaps, urea, additives, rubber and plastic Assistant agent products.

Color coated steel coating is a polyester commonly used

Top coating color coated steel sheet is a polyester (PE), then there is a silicone modified resin (SMP), high weatherability polyester (HDP), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), etc.,  Food dehydrator  structure divided into two baking and two coat two baking, coating thickness on the surface 20-25u, rear 8-10u, buildings should not be less than the external surface 20u, back 10u. Color coated steel commonly cited standard is the United States ASTM A527 (galvanized), ASTM AT92 (galvanized), Japanese JIS G3302, European EN/0142, Korea KS D3506, Baosteel Q/BQB420.
Color coated steel plate, commonly known as color steel plate, high quality cold-rolled steel, hot dip galvanized steel or galvanized steel as the substrate, after surface degreasing, phosphate, chromate conversion, the organic coating after coating Bake made with lightweight,  oil equipment , color, durability and other characteristics. Widely used in construction, home appliances, decoration, automotive and other fields.
Color plate depends on the strength and thickness of the substrate material, the durability depending on layer (coating weight 318g/m2) and surface coating, coating with polyester, silicone resin, fluorine resin, the coating thickness of 25um or more, coating a coating structure has two drying, two coat two baking, etc., maintenance-free service life can be different according to the ambient atmosphere is 20-30 years.

Pressure plate system

Hidden 373 wall system
a. concealed screw fixing, the unique dark button design,  Oil processing  infiltration.
b. surface of the three-dimensional design makes the system has excellent ornamental.
c. can choose a variety of insulation  machine for pellets , serve to strengthen the effect of flatness and strength.
horizontal mounting plate 780 large corrugated
a. doing cross-body wall, smooth lines, vivid.
b. horizontal vertical or diagonal variety of installation methods, to achieve a layered effect of sunlight and shade.
c. naturally into the arc, the minimum radius of curvature of 12M, complex surface can be used as roofing system.

standing seam roofing system closure 468

a. Unique hidden bracket installation, system surface without screws, brackets and a link to the slip plate-shaped unique design to overcome the long plate and mounting bracket as  oil expeller  expansion and contraction resulting displacement.
b.360 degrees occlusal male and female standing seam ribs, coating equipment can provide professional pre-adhesive joints,  Oil machine  in the same system with excellent waterproof performance.
c. choose from a variety of metal materials repression, and provides a variety of life with the same accessories.
d. process-oriented equipment box-type shipping, professional skills, large-scale projects to ensure precise spot repression.

standing seam roofing system closure 820

a. using concealed mounting bracket, screws penetrate the surface without the system, 360-degree bite, and bite  Pellet mill  stickers can be prefabricated, so that the whole system has excellent seal tightness.
b. double bracket, rib height 56mm, pointing spacing 410mm, the link bracket and the plate surface has a slip  oil refinery , the system has a high strength while preferably avoiding the thermal expansion and contraction of the plate caused damage.
c. utilization up to 82%, taking into account security and economy.
d. process-oriented equipment box-type shipping, professional skills, large-scale projects to ensure precise spot repression.

Color coated steel plate into a large public buildings around

In the 21st century, high-speed and stable development of China's national economy, but also from pre-painted steel plate into the general industrial buildings around the large public buildings such as airport terminals, train stations, stadiums, concert halls, theaters, the 2008 Olympic Games venues. Building roof, floor and walls with a more reasonable force and the connection plate-type, construction methods more scientific and more like a performance of galvanized sheet, aluminum-magnesium manganese alloy plate, titanium plate, stainless steel,  Food dehydrator  and development, greatly improving the subtypes metal plate application technology.
In plate tectonics and standards, there has been undercut structure, fastening structure and fasteners hidden pressure plate connected to the second generation of such products; closed type Banlou the existing mature application; colleagues pressure plate coating plate (substrate) increases the aluminum plate, galvanized aluminum varieties, coated sheet increased partial polyvinyl fluoride (PVDF) coating plates, high durability polyester  oil equipment  (HDP), and other new products; relevant international "Continuous hot-dip zinc steel sheet and strip "," color coated steel sheet and strip "," steel construction quality acceptance "and another revision.

Pressure plate combined with concrete

Pressure plate for industrial plant roof, siding when no insulation requirements in the general case,  Briquette machine  meter of steel is about 5 to 11 kg. There insulation requirements, the available mineral wool board, glass wool, foam, etc. for insulation. Pressure plate combined with concrete made of composite slabs, eliminating the need for formwork and as a load-bearing structure. Meanwhile pressure plate and concrete to strengthen the binding force, should be pre-welded on steel studs or oppression bidirectional stiffeners.
Color pressure plate is the use of color coated steel, cold-formed by roll into a variety of wave type pressure plate, it applies to industrial and
Civil, Warehouse,  oil processing , large span steel structure housing of the roof, walls and interior and exterior decoration, a lightweight, high strength, color-rich, convenient construction, earthquake, fire, rain, long life, maintenance-free characteristics, is now widely used.


Traditional wood shredder

A crushing principle from the traditional wood mill and a variety of home and abroad successfully developed into a set of principles crush crushing principle as one of the three kinds of energy efficient  Pellet mill , the machine with a fineness analyzer, is a professional dedicated lightweight materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, ductile materials such as special difficult crushing of the new milling equipment. The aircraft inlet feed using self-priming, forever safe production,  oil refinery  the traditional mill direct feed, as well as careless piece of metal into the shortcomings of serious damage to wood flour machine. Machine production of fine, high processing technology, the use of double body, the body of water injection to play the role of water, into a kind of new material, play a sound, heat functions. Therefore, the use of aircraft in the production of noise, no vibration.

Three kinds of cutting blade grinding process

The three cutting blade grinding process, with the air flow generated by the rotor blades rotate at high speed,  Oil machine  in the air flow speed and repeated impact, cutting friction, and by three pulverization, the pulverized material into the air analyzer analysis, due to the rotor by centrifugal force Shiyou analyzer flow centripetal force, so when the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, the fine particles with air into the powder collector collection, coarse particles into the grinding chamber  oil expeller  to re continue until you reach your satisfaction smash fineness.

Any grinding equipment can not be replaced ideal milling equipment

A crushing principle from the traditional wood mill and  Oil processing  of home and abroad successfully developed into a set of principles crush crushing principle as one of the three kinds of energy efficient timber mill, the machine with a fineness analyzer, is a professional dedicated lightweight materials, fiber materials, brittle materials,  machine for pellets  such as special difficult crushing of the new milling equipment. The aircraft inlet feed using self-priming, forever safe production, replacing the traditional mill direct feed, as well as careless piece of metal into the shortcomings of serious damage to wood flour machine. Machine production of fine, high processing technology, the use of double body, the body of water injection to play the role of water, into a kind of new material, play a sound, heat functions. Therefore, the use of aircraft in the production of noise, no vibration.

Wood flour machine is a kind of hammer mill

Food dehydrator, wood sawdust machine, wood sawdust machine, chipping machine, wood grinder can process, pine, hardwood, Yang wood, fir, the original bamboo, because the structure is compact, small footprint, chipper good quality, low power consumption, and is suitable for mobile operation, widely used in particleboard and fiberboard production of small and  oil refinery preparation steps can also be used for the self-employed for production of wood products.
Wood flour machine is a kind of hammer mill, it is mainly the use of the chip and the air strike blade principle to be crushed material will be crushed. This equipment consists of crushing, grading, wind transport, unloading and removal of five parts, the abolition of the traditional screening process, the use of wind energy once into a powder. Machine performance than other similar products has been greatly improved.

Pellet mill working process

Their work is required moisture content of not more than 15% with the powder from the hopper into the feed auger, by adjusting the variable speed motor speed, to get the right material flow, and  Oil processing  the mixer, stir and steam through the stirring rod mixed quenching and tempering, if you need to add molasses or fat, but also from the mixing tube joined together with the steam conditioning, fat added is generally not more than 3%, otherwise difficult to shape, powder quenched with temperatures up after 64 ~ 85 ℃ humidity of 14 ~ l 6%. Then through  machine for pellets  through the optional suction device to remove iron powder mixed with iron impurities, and finally into the suppression chamber granulation.

Physical press

Generally small oil mill, the principle is to use stone, wood, metal and other equipment to oil in the  Oil machine  out, also called physical squeeze, so pressed oil is currently the most safe, nutritious edible oil. In industrially developed in Ningbo, Zhejiang Fenghua has a remote town Dayan, Director Alaska oil mill village home, the village will annually planted rapeseed, through the cleaning, washing, cool sprinkle sun, fry, crushing series of processes Finally squeeze fragrant rapeseed oil, the entire oil mill was filled with the aroma for the local villagers and city people eat, some people will have to drive into town Alaskan  oil expeller  to buy oil, map is fresh, rest assured. The remaining oil was drained called rapeseed oil cake, which is on a good natural organic fertilizer and feed, widely used in agricultural production. While another edible oil processing method called leaching, it was with a light gasoline or other liquid to soak out the compound, such as tea in general, it is not called oil mill matter, but industrial production, and this method is generally used by large enterprises.

Frying machine squeezing process

In the press process, because the machine is automatic force day heat, the automatic temperature control device,  Oil processing  body temperature of the host, thereby reducing the labor intensity, body wear, labor, energy saving, saving time, between the particles in the oil, oil and the friction between the parts, heat is generated. This constitutes a pressure  oil equipment  process, heat the two elements, the tissue damage fuel cell line from the oil spill, the cake from the cake and the cake head is pushed between the mouth. When spilled oil flows through the oil pan filter drums above, the vacuum pump air out of the barrel. Barrel formation of negative pressure, the oil through the filter cloth, being drawn into the barrel, while diesel will be isolated in the cloth top, then get is pure oil.

Heat oil machine (super hot oil machine) details

 Heat oil machine (super hot oil machine) details: 1, computer touch control, easy to understand. 2, the microcomputer dual  Pellet mill  temperature control table, touch type storage, automatic calculation. 3, safety protection and error indication system. 4, long life components. 5 liters of cooling speed, temperature accuracy and stability. 6, the unique design of the heating power, temperature control for different places to use,  oil refinery  effect is obvious. 7, one-piece stainless steel, pipe small donation, add cooked evenly. 8, boot automatic exhaust function. 9 can be controlled at room temperature is generally between -350 °.

Thin oil filling machine is a highly mobile oily liquid

Workshop production line, oil change centers, steel mills. Shield machine, automobile manufacturing,  Oil machine , bearings, automatic assembly line, ship ports, shipbuilding, railways, steel, machinery, heavy machinery, car repair workshop, building decoration, food industry, printing, automotive engine manufacturers, plus heavy machinery lubrication Note, air conditioning compressor refrigeration oil assembly lines, lubricating oil and grease plant butter quantitative packing, gearbox assembly production lines, home appliances, power, petrochemical and other industries.The so-called thin  oil expeller  machine is a highly mobile oily liquids (eg 0 # lubricants for industrial use is a thin oil) butter machine. Because of grease used in highly mobile, machine oil ratio (pressure inside the barrel with a tubing pressure) is very low, only 1:1 to 5:1 pump pumps.

Industrial centrifugal dewatering machine are three-foot overhang tilting structure

 Industries for a variety of metal parts by grinding, machining, oil washing, washing, cooling,  Oil processing  dip after dehydration (oils), suitable for hardware parts, electronic parts, iron, aluminum scrap, copper scrap drying , dehydration,  machine for pellets ; and plating and grinding plants, metal lathe processing, metal fasteners plant and other plants. Industrial centrifugal dewatering machine are three-foot overhang tilting structure, can avoid unbalanced load transfer within soy when in operation foot vibration.

Dewatering machine work two minutes drying effect achieved

Motor is rotating at high speed through the belt drive liner. So have a great centrifugal force, the moisture so through the hole on the inner left out, is collected after the reunification of discharge. Generally, the wet clothes, dewatering machine work two minutes drying effect is almost achieved and drying machine for 28 minute intervals to achieve the same effect,  Oil machine , can not be completely dried clothes dryer. Therefore, one kind of approach saves time and energy is that for wet clothes before dewatering operations, finished off the water and then drying operation.
Industrial  oil expeller  Main technical characteristics:
Using three foot hanging structure, has good shock effect.
Starting with the next round of structural axis, starts the liner gradually gradually accelerated, may overload the motor.
Main components imported high quality stainless steel, durable.
The liner balance correction, smooth operation, safe and reliable.
Smooth braking, dehydration rate and easy operation.


Straw briquetting machine structural characteristics

Straw briquetting machine is mainly used for processing straw, Briquette machine, peanut shells, corn cobs and other crop stalks and other waste, can also be used for processing twigs, bark, sawdust and other waste and special equipment.
Straw briquetting machine flat ring die die form, its structure characteristics: First, motor driven spindle rotation reducer drive, and then to drive the roller rotating spindle, machine for pellets, easy maintenance; second is between the pressure roller and die radial clearance easy to adjust, can guarantee two rollers between the die and the most appropriate clearance; Third down additional electric heating ring, the ring mold can be heated, is conducive to material molding.

Briquetting machine professional models

Briquetting machine according to a variety of different uses professional models, such as metal scrap briquetting machine, Oil processing briquette machine, straw briquetting machine, iron powder briquetting machine, etc., applicable to granular materials, powdered, block like other raw materials, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical,oil processing and other industries. Is currently using more hydraulic machine hydraulic drive technology.

Cutting machine special inverter

Low torque output of 180%, the low frequency characteristics of a good run
Maximum output frequency 600Hz, Pellet mill motor can be controlled
A full range of detection protection (overvoltage, undervoltage, overload) instantaneous power failure restart Acceleration, deceleration, dynamic change in the stall protection function to prevent Motor dynamic parameters automatic identification function to ensure system stability and accuracy Fast response speed shutdown Rich and flexible input and output interface and control, versatility Full use of SMT mount production and oil refinery anti-paint treatment process, the product is stable and high Full range of the latest Siemens IGBT power devices, to ensure the quality of high-quality.

Wire cutting machine operation

1. Check the circuit system switch knob, turn AC power supply, first turn on the power switch, high voltage switch open after 5 minutes, before the negative cable.
2. Console power switch is turned on, you should first check the power supply of the digital output data and the neon tube is normal, enter information about five minutes, trial operation, normal only after processing.
3. Line cutting frequency power switch off before processing should be placed in position in the case of molybdenum wire running before opening frequency power, and should be kept at 60 to 80 volts is appropriate. Parking off before the high-frequency power.
4. Cutting should add coolant.Food dehydrator wire contacts the workpiece, check the power supply voltage and high-frequency electro-hydraulic values ??are normal, must not be the case in the arcing process.
5. Failure frequency power supply should be closed immediately, analyze the causes are not allowed to put any objects other oil equipment, especially metal equipment.
6. Prohibiting contact with your hands or a conductor wire electrode or workpiece. Was not allowed to touch the switch with wet hands or other electrical parts.

Saving and environmentally friendly plastic granulator

In the era of energy saving backdrop, waste plastic recycling cries constantly increasing, plastic granulator is also increasing demand, industry experts said, due to recent global petrochemical industry has been developing extremely rapidly, plastic granulator rapid increase in demand, has broad prospects for development.Briquette machine the grim energy and environmental issues become more and more plastic granulator future large-scale, and the user of the unit's mechanical stability and energy saving requirements are also increasing.
   Plastic granulator process contamination is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. The most widely used in various types of conventional plastic granulator equipment, there are more than three-quarters of hot plastic granulator, plastic granulator equipment such environmental pollution is very serious.
  Progressive plastic granulator process energy machine for pellets and prevention of environmental pollution are complementary. Reduce 100 million tons of standard coal in energy consumption can be reduced in China more than 64 million tons of CO2 and SO2 emissions, its environmental benefits are clear. Improve energy saving plastic granulator has been very urgent requirement for the transformation of plastic pelletizing systems has become an important issue to be solved.

Feed mill technology

A grinder should be designed to meet the requirements of this standard. 2 of each part should be solid and reliable connection mode, to ensure that no such situation arising due to vibration loosening. 3 Briquette machine 3.1 exposed rotating parts must have guards, mesh guards shall ensure that any part of the body does not touch rotating parts. 3.2 Anti-Protection devices should have sufficient rigidity to ensure that the body does not produce distortion when touched or displacement. 4 port 4.1 feed green artificial feeding, roughage (grass, water lettuce And other aquatic classes and wheat straw, corn stalks, straw and other potato vine, rattan) mill feed hopper length of not less than 500mm; feed hopper platform height should be Is 700mm-1100mm. 4.2 Artificial feeding of cereals (wheat, soybeans, corn, machine for pellets, dried, crushed soybean meal, etc.) should be installed mill material flow can be controlled Particle hopper. 4.3 system must be equipped with automatic feeding the shredder to prevent foreign objects into the crushing chamber magnetic metal protective device. 4.4 Artificial feeding of powder Crusher feed the mouth should "reach into the grinder work strictly prohibited," the warning signs. 5 mill grinding chamber should be fitted in the open door or crushing chamber door is not Closed in place, ensure that the motor can not start interlock device (used alone power is less than 18 5kW small grinder is not specified, but the manufacturing units Should be made ??in the manual clear warning). 6 grinder should overload protection device, grounding flag. The factory used alone unworthy electrical control Box small mill, manufacturing units should be explained in the manual. 7 mill shell and exposed parts shall be designed to avoid wounding with Yi The acute angle, Lee edges. 8 grinder should be prominently marked on the steering shaft. 9 electrical control box and the motor should be reliable grounding measures. The factory is not With a small grinder motor manufacturing unit in the manual should be made clear warning instructions.

Grinder daily inspection is very important

 First check the power outlet, plug the power cord from the presence or absence of oxygen loss, breakage of the Department, if not you can plug in the power test machine does not rotate when the motor is energized with Light toggle wheel hand piece can be rotated, can be concluded that the aircraft has a two-start capacitor failure due to capacity. In this case generally only for new products. Pellet mill is that power does not rotate, apply force to be able to turn it inside the motor emits a weak current sound, slight leakage is due to start capacitor. If the current sound too large, the motor does not start, start capacitor circuit judge is due to (motor coil shorted need professional repair). In the absence of professional equipment The case, first remove the capacitor (4UF/400V), the two leads were inserted into the mains zero and FireWire jack to charge the capacitor, and then remove the two cited Line short-circuit discharge. If the case can send sparks and there is a loud "pop" sound, indicating that the capacitor can be used; if sparks and oil refinery, indicating capacitor Capacity has declined to be renewed, or add a small capacitor can be. If the capacitor is shorted can not use this method has been damaged and must be with the same specifications for new products Conversion can be repaired. Then there is a class of small high-speed grinder, the general quality of this grinder is very hard to damage, and daily maintenance becomes more important To, the following is kind of mill maintenance priorities. Check bearing lubrication is good Check that all fasteners are tightened. Check the drive belt is properly installed and in good condition, if found damaged belt should be replaced when the belt or slots There is oil on the wheel, the application promptly wipe clean cloth. Check the protective device is good, if found unsafe guards phenomenon, should be immediately removed. Check whether the damaged materials or other debris cavity, if it should be cleaned. Check the hydraulic machine from the top or from the top screw head is returned, adjusting pads are Whether it is properly installed and pressed.

Mill maintenance

If the impeller of the rivet head is worn by pressing the hub body and impeller surfacing by welding, so that wear of the rivet head back to the normal state.
Oil machine holes on the fatigue crack prone situations, can not used the entire root new electrode for welding repair cracks, but in line with the impeller shaft Centrosymmetric carried the rest of the crack at welding electrodes remain there, and then a new patch electrode symmetrical rivet hole cracks, the rest of the weld after welding Strip with symmetrical rivet welding repair as long as the rest of the time, in order to ensure equal weight up welding. If symmetrical rivet holes should be free of cracks electrode stack Welding in here, used to offset symmetrical rivet holes fill welding crack at new weight. According to this method of welding symmetrical oil expeller can repair cracks. Simple impeller balancing test, the method is also very simple. Support from the impeller by hand struck so gently rotate, reach a balanced place will stop To the lowest point and swing around. If emphasis on the impeller in the opposite spot, adding weight to make it balance, or rubbed off with a grinder impeller welding marks emphasis, But also to achieve balance, so you can put the fan repaired for normal work. Note that the fan can not be used during repair welding random spot The welding marks left to the impeller, fan impeller to avoid affecting the balance, reach the purpose of repair, resulting in greater losses.

Recognizing grinder

Mill is a material that can be deformed with an external force and split into smaller particles called grinder machine. Food dehydrator has been obtained in all walks of life

To a wide range of applications. Given the production and application of traditional Chinese medicine grinder is the basic processing technology, ultrafine grinding has become increasingly a cause for oil equipment, although the starting

Step late, relatively few species developed, but has shown unique advantages and broad application prospects. The working principle of the mill have different

Therefore, the development of the mill also presents a wide range of development, will inevitably lead to an increase in various types of problems. Now appeared on the market a lot of crushed

Machine, it can cut the feed ivy, tall, can be crushed sweet potato, corn, rural commonly used machine. The aircraft with the use of time, often appear

The following faults: when crushed inability to work; does not start; no electricity. Under normal circumstances can be self-repair.

Dryer Market

In recent years, with the economic development and technological advances, our dryer industry achieved great development, companies increasingly focus on technology innovation and Briquette machine new products to meet market demand, and from the visible, dryer industry has a huge room for improvement.
 Dryer is a washing machine in one, generally after washing dehydration, used to remove clothing and oil processing in the water, mainly used in mineral processing,Building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments drying certain humidity or granularity of the material. At present, our main export rotary drum dryer drying equipment products are vibrating, really Air drying equipment, small grain, food and forestry tou drying equipment, the annual export volume of more than a few hundred units, exports are the main areas of Southeast Asia Other developing countries, and has opened the door to European and American markets.  It is understood that eighteen greatly Dryer industry a blueprint to guide the direction and clear requirements, and made plans. Looking to the future, Dryer Further rapid development needs urgent potential, conditions are favorable prospects, still in the golden period of development.

Pellet mill in daily use

granulators in the daily use of the process, one should always check the rotation of the disc, according to the specific requirements granulator speed control on the disc together Oil processing, the disc rotation speed is too fast so as to affect product size.granulator used in the process, in particular, note that the granulator check transmission parts, i.e. the drive gear, the rotation of the drive gear The aid of the finished lubricating oil, so the process of running gear, the lubricant must be checked periodically, and appropriately added for lubrication of the gear Oil and grease to ensure good lubrication of the gear, so that the operation of the granulator more stable and machine for pellets.  due to wet granulation granulators are models, the upper part of the disc are usually equipped with a spray device used to increase the viscosity of the material moist materials, so To ensure that the material has good adhesion, it should be frequently inspected spray device, in order to protect the water flow spray device.

the horizontal crack across the entire pellet

Case 1 and is somewhat similar to the phenomenon, the occurrence of cracks in the cross-section of the particles, but particles are not bent. Pellet mill fluffy fibers contain more granulation, the This situation may occur. Such particles in the feed material is often squeeze ring pelletizing die hole, wherein the content ratio of the diameter of the fiber length, when the particle Is extruded, the result of swelling of the fiber material in the cross section of the particles produced across the crack, resulting in fir bark-like appearance.
  Improved approach is to increase the ring mold compression of raw materials, which increases the compression ratio of the ring mold; control the fiber grinding fineness, can not exceed the maximum length A third size; reduce productivity material through the oil refinery to reduce the speed, increasing density; lengthened quenched time, multi-layer or kettle quenched Type conditioner; when moisture is too high or powder containing urea, it was also possible fir bark-like material appearance, should be controlled to add moisture and urea content.

pellets exhibit many side bending and crack

This is generally in a particulate material produced when leaving the ring mold. In production, when the cutter position adjustment is too far away from the surface of the ring mold and blunt edge, oil expeller from the The extrusion die orifice is touched off cutter instead of being cut or torn, this time some particulate material and the other side bent to one side exhibit many cracks. The pellet Entering the cooler or during transport, often from these cracks at fracture, causing the production of excessive particulate material powder.
Ways to improve it:
 a) increasing the compression ring die for feed force, which increases the compression ratio of the ring mold, Food dehydrator increasing the density of the granules and hardness values;
 b) some of the raw material more finely pulverized, if you add the molasses or fat, molasses or fats should improve the distribution uniformity and control of the amount added in order to improve Pieces The density of pellets to prevent feed soft;
c) adjusting the knife away from the surface of the ring mold, usually the outer edge surface of the ring mold from a distance not greater than the diameter of the particles produced, or replace the use of more front Lee cutting blades, for particles of small diameter thin blade material can also be used, and to a thin surface of the blade close to the ring mold production;
d) Use of adhesive class granulation aids, help to improve the binding force within the particles.

Everyday use granulator

1, strictly follow the rules and operation of plastic machinery, not in the non-operative position for illegal operations. To ensure the reliability of safety devices, must not chase Sake of efficiency destruction of the machine safety precautions.
2, injection molding machine will use cleanliness, viscosity and other indicators are in line with the requirements of hydraulic oil in accordance with regulations for the oil equipment to provide sufficient cooling water flow to Free hydraulic components and piping heat generated due to oil contamination or blockage, leakage and other damage phenomena. Food dehydrator the gear unit should meet the requirements of lubricants.
3 Do not use with metal impurities or low-quality sand back, feed shall be placed near the mouth of the metal objects that might fall into, to prevent intensified screw and barrel Wear or produce stuck, damage phenomenon.
4, the material temperature does not reach the set temperature, holding time is not enough, are not allowed to start running screw.
5, when a failure or abnormal condition of the staff must be reported by a professional maintenance staff for processing. If found to affect the safety of unusual Phenomena, and immediately press the emergency stop switch.
 6, attention to fire safety, fire extinguishers need to be placed near a device using the HTF.

Plastic granulator unit's auxiliary machinery including

It is understood that the auxiliary plastic machinery pelletizing device including actinomycetes, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, traction device, meter, Spark Tester, up device. Oil processing plastic granulating machine control system, including heating systems, cooling systems and process measurement system, mainly by the electrical, instrumentation and implementing agencies (ie, control panel and console) component. Its main role is to: control and regulate the main auxiliary drive motor, the output meet the technical requirements of speed and power, and machine for pellets and auxiliary coordination; detection and regulation of plastic extruder temperature, pressure, flow rate; achieve control of the entire unit or automatic control.
Drive the transformation of the transformation group by treating granulator system conditions were analyzed, decided to adopt AMB300 Series high-performance drive for energy transformation after transformation, the system can not only run efficiently and can save a lot of energy, for the enterprises to effectively reduce energy costs.

Also known as high-performance continuous feed mill grinder

 1, also known as high-performance continuous feed mill grinder, small size, attractive appearance, easy to move, easy to operate;2, Pellet mill feeding, hammer milling, hammer material with carbide Gang, wear resistance, equipped with screens, fineness accurately adjustable, according to the specific requirements, By replacing the different specifications of different mesh grinding fineness, powder through the bag outlet.  3, continuous feed mill special architecture running without vibration, low noise, safe, stable, clean and hygienic, low loss, high efficiency; With the drug contact parts oil refinery, meet the health standards. 4, continuous feed mill and Western medicines, pearls, chemicals, food ingredients, minerals, soil, grain, coal, raw materials are a very good Crushing effect, is the preferred model crushing brittle materials, in addition to the system fine, but also made use of coarse particles decoction agent Pieces (Pieces of boiling decoction with coarse particles,Pieces can increase the dissolution rate of the active ingredient, save a lot of medicine), but not for a certain oily or sticky crush the material.  5, continuous feed mill suitable clinic, clinics, small hospitals, specialty hospitals, hospital pharmacies, pharmacy, research institutes, laboratories, reagent chamber,Universities, research institutes, shopping malls, family and other crushing various materials.  6, continuous feed mill with automatic thermal overload protection device, such as motor overload, overheating of the motor will automatically shut down.

Universal grinder easy manipulation

The grinding can meet industry needs. Machine made of stainless steel, can meet the multi-industry standards, the grinding chamber with water cooling jacket, suit most Sensitive materials crushing requirements. Universal grinder manipulation is simple, easy Oil machine, more recognized by customers, its excellent production ability, and can meet most users' productivity Volume requirements. In the use of maintenance, universal grinder is part compact, no dead ends, freely cleaning cleaning it much easier.  In the domestic Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Sichuan and other provinces have a lot of universal grinder manufacturers, the majority of iron, carbon steel to produce, whole Machine look not beautiful, crushing cavity rough, rust, good clean up, mainly made of rough castings, machine precision is not high, causing the machine Control vibration, and noise, the advantage of low cost, oil expeller and simple process, production volume, the price is low.  Universal grinder is also a green machine, the machine no pollution, noise, individually configurable aggregates room, baghouse dust to get the charge Sub-collection, to meet customer requirements of cleanliness, as well dynamic balance, but also significantly reduce noise. Universal knife grinding mill site Leaves, increase the crushing chamber gas flow can be guaranteed yield, but also reduce the temperature generated when crushed, crushing some of the more suitable for mobility is not good, with Sticky materials. Universal grinder, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and some plants are commonly used generic crushing equipment, power ranging from 1.5KW-11KW, voltage multi-use 380V, only 130 and 180 models can be used 220V China electricity.